The reunion you've been waiting for (well, WE were) finally happened! On July 20th, 2000 Skippyheads Lance, Rich, Jim and Bobo got back together! The reunion took place at Skippyhead Jimmy's house. Joining them were their wives and children and a grand time was had by all!

The only downside was that, despite the combined efforts of all involved, Skippyhead Jay (who is without wives or children) could not be reached to attend the celebration.

THE SKIPPYHEADS' Skippykids Tally

SKIPPYHEAD BOBO: Daughter Jessica, 5 years old Son Jacob, 4 months old

SKIPPYHEAD LANCE: Daughter Daryn, 5 years old

SKIPPYHEAD JIM: Son Max, 6 months old

SKIPPYHEAD RICH: Step-daughter Loretta, 11 years old Step-daughter Amanada, 10 years old Daughter Samantha, 6 years old Daughter Karina Robin, 4 years old


The Skippyheads were formed in 1982 at Encina High School in Sacramento by high school sophomores Skippyhead Lance and Skippyhead Rich. It all began as a comic book titled "Army Life" and recounted the adventures of the galaxy's all purpose go anywhere/do anything commando squad "The Skippyheads."

The Skippyheads were commanded by Skippyhead Mike, who had coined the name as an insult to Skippyhead Lance and Rich. They, in turn took the name and put it in their book, making Skippyhead Mike their leader.

The Original Skippyheads were:

Skippyhead Mike 001, Skippyhead Roy 002, Skippyhead Don 003, Skippyhead Lance 004, Skippyhead Dave 005, Skippyhead Jay 006, Skippyhead Rich 007, Skippyhead Andy 008, Skippyhead Tim 009, Skippyhead Jimmy 010, Skippyhead McGinn 011, Skippyhead Paris 012, Skippyhead Rowe 013, Skippyhead Kiki 014, Skippyhead Brian 015,

Additions after the initial 1982 charter were: Skippyhead Carlos 016, Skippyhead Andrew 017, Skippyhead Jake 018, Skippyhead Cameron 019, Skippyhead Calvin 020, Skippyhead Reg 021, Skippyhead Bobo 022, Skippyhead Terry 023, Skippyhead McBay 024, Skippyhead Bryan 025,

After "Army Life" came a horrible written and drawn comic simply called "The Skippyheads in Outer Space" which starred the original 15 members. The following year The Skippyheads returned but with a much shorter roster due, to the "drifting away' of various members. The Skippyheads became Skippyheads Mike, Roy, Don, Lance, Jay, Rich, Jim and Tim with guest spots by Skippyhead Kiki. Skippyheads Carlos, Andrew and Jake were added and Skippyhead Cameron given honorary status.

After more "drifting" the Skippyheads became simply Lance, Rich and Jim, with Skippyhead Jake becoming the inspiration for a brand new comic featuring "Ex-Skippyheads" Lance, Jim and Rich. The comic was the infamous "Raiders of the Lost Glove" starring Calvin "Califronia" Jones, who later became Skippyhead Calvin. "Raiders" spawned "The Further Adventures Of California Jones" which became simply, "Adventurers, Inc."

"Adventurers, Inc." crossed over during a tie in storyline which brought around the re-birth of "The Skippyheads". Skippyhead Bobo was brought in at that time and joined the existing roster of Skippyheads who now were: Mike, Roy, Jay, Jake, Carlos and Andrew. Lance, Rich & Jim were recruited (along with Ex-Skippyheads Andy & Tim) in the story to join the Skippyheads for a secret mission. They brought along with them Calvin Jones and his girlfriend Regina, who promptly became Skippyheads Calvin and Reg.

"Adventures, Inc." was retooled as "Rebels: The Skippyheads' Star Wars/Star Trek Ripoff!" and that lasted through the early 90's. Afterwards Skippyhead Rich retired from making comics until this past year when "The Skippyheads In Outer Space" was reborn as a daily strip type comic. See the link below for the sometimes updated weekly page.

To be continued!

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