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"Eddie Butthead"

It's The Traveling Buttheads!


At best, they were a pretty bad kareoke band. All in all they recorded over 35 Butthead versions of classic songs. The best of these have been collected by Stinky, and transfered from their original cassette version to compact disc.

They only performed live in public twice. It was a one song deal and Eddie pulled out at the last minute when the song was changed from "Ticket To Ride" to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." (Well...wouldn't YOU have???) The only other performance to date was a duo of J.C. and Eddie singing "I Saw Her Standing There."

There are plans in the works for a release of the CD compilation titled "Traveling Buttheads-BOOTLEG."

c 1999 Henamana Productions, Ltd.

J.C., BoBo, Stinky, Eddie and Jack!

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